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About us

Our family winery manages 8 ha of our own and leased vineyards in the town of Modra. We use our own grown grapes to produce our wines because we believe this is the only path to offer our customers the highest quality. Our goal is to preserve the tradition of wine-growing and the production of wine and wine-making traditions in the family and the Little Carpathian region.

Our wines are produced via classical and modern technology, while the controlled fermentation process plays a major role in white wine production.

Our goal is to present wine as a natural product. That’s why we produce our wines without chemical stabilization, which gives them room for maturing and when stored properly, also has room for multi-bottle aging.

Quality of our wines is the result of the experience and knowledge handed over to four generations of winegrowers in our family.

Wine tastings take place in Modra, in a historic 350-year-old cellar, located only 25 kilometers from Bratislava. If you prefer a different environment, it is possible to meet in your home environment, at the client, at corporate events, or anywhere according to your expectations.

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